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What combines comfort and luxury with convenience in Chicago? Our fleet of climate controlled deluxe mini coach bus rentals! With seating from 12 to 55, our mini coach buses offer all of the amenities you need complete with video monitors and DVD players, an AM/FM radio with CD player, MP3 adaptors and a PA System for announcements or narrated tours. Our charter buses come with overhead storage as well as a dedicated luggage space. Each bus is also fully heated and air-conditioned with reclining seats and armrests for your comfort no matter what the season is!

Our Deluxe Mini Coach Bus Rentals include the following features:



Bar Crawls

Eliminate the hassle and worry of driving for a bar crawl and leave that to us. Bar crawls are all about getting your friends together and hitting up the best bars, but what fun is that when you have to worry about how much you drink because you need to get home? By renting a bus for your bar crawl you are not only making the trip easier, but safer. Keep your friends safe with the help of our professional drivers. You plan the bar crawl and we will provide the transportation for you and your friends—that’s a pretty sweet deal! We will drive you to each bar on your bar crawl journey, and then take you back home after. At the end of the day you and your friends will have had a blast while remaining safe and not driving.




Our drivers often carry a select variety of music but feel free to bring your own! Our vehicles are capable of playing most burned cd’s as well as MP3’s, so choose your favorite mix and bring it along with!


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