Chicago Bar Crawl Trolley and Bus Rentals

Make memories to last a lifetime with your very own bar crawl! Our trolleys and buses are well equipped for a good time, and our driving staff is well trained to keep you and your guests happy on your epic night out!

Chicago Bar Crawls

Each trolley car is tailored with classy details such as brass railings, traditional trolley bells, and gorgeous oak benches for a feel right out of the movies. They’re comfortable to sit in and easy to move around inside of, making the ride to and from places as simple and easy as just sitting back and relaxing with your pals. Our buses comfortably accommodate up to 55 guests in full comfort and style.

Bring your own drinks or party favors aboard for a truly great time!

Fully Equipped

Our trolley cars and buses are also equipped with CD players, stereos, and the ability to connect to multimedia devices (Phone, Ipod, etc) so you can play your own music. Our vehicles also have PA systems for announcements, toasts, or just plain fun.

We have buses and trolley cars for just about any occasion as we can accommodate from 14 to 55 guests comfortably.

Servicing the Chicago Area

Create your own itinerary and pick between Chicago’s finest bars, restaurants, and venues for a one of a kind custom experience.

Great for Birthdays and Other Celebrations

Your birthday is coming soon and you’re not sure what to do? Yep, you guessed it! Why not have a bar crawl?

Interested in one of our trolley or bus rentals for a bar crawl? Request a quote here.

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