Can you rent a trolley in Chicago during the winter?

The weather can’t seem to make up its mind—will it be cold or hot? Currently, Chicago is freezing! Brrr! Bundle up and try your best to keep warm! So, when the winter weather has produced snow, what does that mean for trolley cars? Do can they still drive in the snow? The answer is yes! No matter what the season is, trolleys are an excellent choice for getting you from point A to point B without having to worry about driving yourself!

Chassis and Engine

Underneath the trolley’s exterior is the same chassis and engine as any CTA bus, school bus, limo or any large vehicle so they rarely get stuck. What is a chassis though? Well, a chassis
consists of an internal framework that supports a manmade object in its construction and use. It is analogous to an animal’s skeleton, which means it holds everything together. With the
chassis and engine, similar to that of a bus or limo, the trolleys maintain the ability to properly function during winter months, too! So get your coworkers or friends and family together for a fun outing this winter!

No Open Sides

The trolley cars do not have open sides with plastic tarps in the winter, which means you won’t have to worry about the outside air coming in. We all love going on adventures no matter what
season is, but when you have to ride in a vehicle with plastic tarps covering the sides no thanks! The plastic might seem like a good way to keep out the cold, but that is far from true. With
trolley cars that are fully enclosed and do not have open sides, you can stay warm while going to your intended destination. So, grab your friends, family and anyone else that wants to join
you on your next outing without having to worry about the cold and how you can stay warm! It may be cold or snowy, but that won’t bother you while you’re inside a nice, warm trolley with
enclosed sides!


And, what is even better for the winter is that trolleys are heated! Just as cars, buses, limos and other vehicles are heated, so are trolley cars! So, sit back, relax and stay warm this winter with one of our trolley cars! Because, let’s face it, what fun is going out with your friends or family if you have to freeze along the way? It just isn’t fun at all! Join us in our heated trolleys to venture to your next destination without having to worry about how you will stay warm or get your group from one place to the next without complications.

Whoever said winter is not the time for group outings never took a trolley out! So, don’t sit around waiting for the weather to warm up just to plan your next outing—start planning now!
Trolley cars are available during the winter and can provide you with the transportation you need without getting cold.

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